Why did Mawra Hussain Decide to Leave the Country and Showbiz?

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The leading actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry Mawra Hussain says that she was fed up with undue criticism on the micro-blocking app and decided to leave showbiz.

Actress Mawra Hussain while talking to Meira Sethi on the YouTube channel said that I started using the micro-blocking website Instagram and it was a lot of fun but I was criticized online and decided to quit showbiz. Was

“I went into depression because of the criticism on social media. Nowadays, social media has become so influential that if I quit working today, my social media account would be meaningless,” Maura said.

The actress said that she has been using social media for 10 years but now she has realized that nothing that comes out of her mouth is wrong but sin because even if no one sees it, social media sees everything.

“I was so depressed that I left acting and went to Sydney, but now I understand how to handle social media and who to respond to,” Maura said.

It should be noted that Mawra had decided to leave the country due to unwarranted criticism of her acting and private life by social media users, but now she is in the country and will resume her acting on her Instagram today. Has 6.1 million followers.

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