World-renowned drummer Pappu Sai has passed away.

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Drummer Papu Sain

LAHORE: World-renowned drummer Pappu Sai has passed away due to cancer.

Pappu Sai highlighted the soft image of Pakistan all over the world and also conveyed the message of Sofia through drums at the international level. Pappu Sai was undergoing treatment at PKLI Hospital. Pappu Sai’s real name was Zulfiqar Ali, he was very good at playing drums. There are hundreds of his students all over the world.

Pappu Sai gave lectures on performing drums in these countries along with performing around the world including USA and Europe. His name was also included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pappu Sai has been the center of attention of visitors for many years through drums at the Shah Jamal Darbar in Lahore. In recognition of his services, he has received awards and honors from all over the world. Distinction was also given while the music band remained associated with overload.


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