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Italy shelters Sherbat Gula, a green-eyed Afghan woman.

Italy has granted asylum to a green-eyed Afghan woman, Sherb-e-Gula, who became famous after appearing on the …..

Ertugrul’s Bamsi and Turgut Like Pakistani Biryani.

If they can bear the chillies, they will feed them, Governor. Turkish artists were also keen on Pakistani biryani, Sindh Governor …..

Robot woman arrested in Egypt on suspicion of espionage.

A female robot artist has been arrested in Egypt on suspicion of spying. According to the details, the ….

Photo shoot of famous model with ‘Father’s body’.

Photos of different brands are taken by models and actors which are also appreciated by the fans but a model can also take photos …..

We should focus more on our family than on clothes: Emma Watson

According to media reports, Emma Watson said in her recent post that we should pay more attention to our family…

Britney Spears: I cried for two weeks watching a movie based on my life.

American singer Britney Spears has revealed that she was embarrassed and cried for two weeks after……

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Paratha maker kick boxer wins bronze medal.

Nisar Ahmed of Pakistan won a bronze medal in the International Kickboxing Competition held in Moscow, Russia…..


Pakistani Scientist Discovers Sign of Life on Saturn.

The research of a team of scientists led by Pakistani scientist Dr. Nazir Khawaja and German scientist Dr. Frank Postberg had caused a stir all over the world…….


Peshawar’s Mashal Wins Lady Diana Award

Mashal Amir is also one of the 30 most influential young people in Scotland……


Arshad Khan ‘Tea Man’ is Going to Open his Cafe in UK?

Arshad Chaiwala, who became famous overnight after a photo went viral in October 2016, is now going to open an outlet in London after a cafe in Pakistan…..

Shahrooz Kashif climbs Mount Everest

Shahrooz Kashif climbs Mount Everest to become the Youngest Pakistani Mountaineer.

Shahrooz Kashif climbs Mount Everest to become the youngest Pakistani mountaineer. A green flag has been hoisted on the world’s ….


Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was an astronomer, engineer, physicist & sometimes escribed as a polymath, from Pisa. His full …….

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was a polymath. He is one of the most important logicians, mathematicians and……

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a scientist & Augustinian friar. He was born in a German-speaking family. He earned posthumous fame ……

Henri Becquerel

Antoine Henri Becquerel was a scientist, engineer, physicist. He was the first person to discover evidence of radioactivity. ……

Ibn Al Haytham

Ibn al-Haytham was a astronomer, mathematician & physicist of the Islamic Golden Age. His famous books ……

Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author. He discovered ……

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