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A video of a young girl doing stunts on a bicycle has gone viral.

The internet is full of videos in which people can be seen doing different stunts and users keep reacting to them by giving their praises or criticisms, just like this video of an Indian girl going viral on the internet. There is circulation that has caught the attention of consumers.

In the video, it can be seen that the girl is passing the rope while riding the bicycle, which can be considered as a favorite sport of school or college students.

On the other hand, users reacted to the video with different comments, one user wrote,

“Make sure to stay safe because it’s dangerous,” another user wrote, “Very difficult but great performance.” , another expressed, “Very insecure,” commented a third. “You are great,” praised the fourth.

It’s not something you see often anymore, like when Szabo was growing up. Back then, parents said goodbye to their children when they left home in the morning and didn’t expect to see them again until dinner.

That’s the last thing that really got to Szabo, who belongs to a group of long-distance riders who cover 10,000 kilometers or more each year on bikes that cost four figures.

As cyclists go, they’re pretty stiff, but they also have their limits. “In the last week of November when we had snow and high winds, most of us took three or four days off.”

Central Saanich is not a girl, though. “She rode every day,” Zabo said. “With strong north winds that day, she rode it. Had to stop and regroup a few times but never quit. Heart of a champion.”

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