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Elderly man’s dangerous cycling style, video goes viral.

Riding a bicycle or motorcycle at high speed on the road can be very dangerous, but there is an elderly person who has enough control over his ride that he is not at all afraid of leaving the handle and riding a bicycle at high speed.

Especially the bikers know very well that the bike skidding on the road during the rainy season is a common phenomenon that is often observed.

A video of one such elderly man expertly riding a bicycle has gone viral on social media, in which he is cycling with his hands on a rain-soaked road.

A Twitter user named Zindagi Gulzar Hai shared a video of an elderly man riding a bicycle in the rain. Tried to balance.

Users have expressed their pleasant surprise after watching this video, saying that their lively spirit and enthusiasm is worth the interest.

The caption of this 26-second video clip on social media reads, ‘Enjoy every moment’. The video has been viewed and liked by more than 50,000 users.

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