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The Saudi man started his journey to Qatar on foot to participate in the Football World Cup.

Riyadh: The 33-year-old citizen of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Al-Salami, has managed to attract the attention of the world.

To achieve this goal, Al-Salami started a walking journey from Jeddah to Qatar to participate in the Qatar Football World Cup and finally succeeded in attracting the attention of the media.

Al Salmi will travel 42 days and cover a distance of 1300 km to reach Qatar. He is still on the journey to reach Doha and fulfill his dream of sitting in the stands of the World Cup.

He tells that he is at such and such a place to pass the time. During this time, he would get to know the people and inform the world about the important events of his one pada and move on to the next station.

Al-Salami said

He wanted to prove his presence at the World Cup in an unusual way, so he immediately decided to walk from Jeddah to Qatar to join the participants in the stands.

According to Al-Salami, he has systematically prepared for this experiment. Relying on my skills in camping in the middle of the desert, I carried a lot of supplies and food.

Despite the fact that the Arabian Peninsula is one of the most difficult places to hike, he still continues to make his dream a reality.

Al Salmi said that the different terrain from one region to another and especially the high temperature were among the difficulties I had to face during the World Cup journey.

In terms of his safety, Al-Sumli explained that he has a tracking device that is linked to multiple people who can access it at any time to help in an emergency.

Thanks to all those who have supported me on this journey. Al-Salami is said to have extensive experience in hiking in Canada and Australia. However, the journey there seems easier than the difficulty of crossing the Arabian Peninsula.

Al-Salami said that

He usually leaves at sunrise and walks until 10 or 10:30. But then the intense heat forces him to rest for a few hours. After a few hours, the hike begins until sunset.

Al-Salami sets a target of 35 km per day by evening. To keep the load light, he mostly feeds on gas cans. This meal often consists of rice and chicken. He bathes at these stations and also washes clothes in mosques.

He also records his interactions with Saudis he meets along the way, many Saudis offering him snacks and juice.

Al-Salami hopes that by sharing his hiking experience, he can inspire other Saudis to consider traveling around their country.

“I want to show people that hiking is a beautiful sport, even if the weather here in Saudi Arabia is harsh, and the terrain is harsh,” Abdullah Al-Salami said. We can do it.”

Abdullah Al-Salami

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