Imran Khan’s son’s marriage proposal of an Arab princess. Is It True?

LAHORE: On social media websites anything goes viral quickly without verification, the chances of it happening are negligible but many users start sharing it believing it to be true which becomes the center of attention. goes

Something similar was seen when a picture of a girl was shared with the picture of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s son Sulaiman Khan and it was claimed that she was Princess Mahira of Dubai and she married Sulaiman Khan. has been offered, but now the truth of this picture has come out.

Senior journalist Mansoor Ali Khan has termed this news as fake and said that this picture is actually of a Pakistani tik toker, it is also being shared in many WhatsApp groups of PTI and our youth are getting tired of this kind of useless propaganda.

The caption given on the viral post on social media is not devoid of interest, in which it is also claimed that “Princess of Dubai expressed her desire to marry Imran Khan’s son, in return Imran Khan’s son gave dowry.” As asked for free oil for Pakistan for 20 years, the girl’s father has asked for 3 months time to think.

Journalist Mansoor Ali Khan’s analysis on this caption was very funny, in which he said that

“Sheikh is sitting on the bridge who wants to give a daughter and is being told to go and get oil, he has to give oil for Pakistan”.

All this propaganda started with a report of the Indian media channel “ANN News” which seems to be going viral on social media in which the marriage proposal is being claimed, but in reality Imran Khan’s family.

No such claim has been confirmed or denied by the Goldsmith family and the ruling family of Dubai, nor has any position been issued by the Tehreek-e-Insaaf on this, and sources say that there is still such a thing between the two families. There has been no contact, which shows that it is actually a propaganda which is devoid of reality.

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