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Christian Bale is a famous English actor. He was born on 30 January 1974 in Haverfordwest, Wales. He married Sibi Blazic ​(m. 2000). He is best known for his blockbuster movies in the Hollywood film industry. He received numerous awards in his life including 2 Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. He was also recognized as one of the highest-paid actors by Forbes Magazine (2014). He was also known for his role as Batman in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. He also shows his acting talent in movies like American Psycho (2000), The Dark Knight (2008), Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Machinist (2004), Ford v Ferrari (2019), Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), The Prestige (2006), and The Fighter (2010).

Quick Facts

Full NameChristian Charles Philip Bale
Date of BirthJanuary 30, 1974
Place of BirthHaverfordwest, Wales
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom, United States
SpouseSibi Blazic (married in 2000)
ParentsDavid Bale (father), Jenny James (mother)
SiblingsTwo elder sisters: Sharon and Louise; half-sister: Erin (from his father’s first marriage)
Breakthrough RoleSteven Spielberg’s 1987 war film “Empire of the Sun”
Notable AwardsAcademy Award, two Golden Globe Awards
Net Worth$120 million
EducationAttended Bournemouth School, left school at age 16
Major Films“Empire of the Sun,” “American Psycho,” “The Machinist,” “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Fighter,” “American Hustle,” “The Big Short,” “Vice,” and many more.
Notable RolesPatrick Bateman in “American Psycho,” Bruce Wayne / Batman in “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” Dicky Eklund in “The Fighter,” Dick Cheney in “Vice”
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Christian Bale Movies

Movie TitleYear
American Psycho2000
The Dark Knight2008
Batman Begins2005
The Dark Knight Rises2012
The Machinist2004
Ford v Ferrari2019
Thor: Love and Thunder2022
The Prestige2006
The Fighter2010
The Big Short2015
Howl’s Moving Castle2004
American Hustle2013
Empire of the Sun1987
Exodus: Gods and Kings2014
Terminator Salvation2009
The Pale Blue Eye2022
Little Women1994
Out of the Furnace2013
The Boy and the Heron2023
Swing Kids1993
Public Enemies2009
The Bride2025
The Terminator1984
Reign of Fire2002
Knight of Cups2015
Rescue Dawn2006
3:10 to Yuma2007
Mio in the Land of Faraway1987
The Promise2016
The New World2005
The Flowers of War2011
Harsh Times2005
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle2018
Ending the Knight
A Midsummer Night’s Dream1999
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin2001
Velvet Goldmine1998
Treasure Island1990
Henry V1989
The Creed of Violence
The Suicide Squad2021
Mary, Mother of Jesus1999
Laurel Canyon2002
You Should Have Left2020

FAQs about Christian Bale Biography

What is the full name of Christian Bale?

The full name of Christian Bale is Christian Charles Philip Bale.

What is the profession of Christian Bale?

Christian Bale is a famous Actor.

What is the age of Christian Bale?

Christian Bale was born on January 30, 1974, making him currently 48 years old.

Who is Christian Bale’s spouse?

Christian Bale’s spouse is Sibi Blazic. They got married in 2000.

Who are Christian Bale’s parents?

Christian Bale’s parents are David Bale (father) and Jenny James (mother).

Who are Christian Bale’s siblings?

Christian Bale has two elder sisters named Sharon and Louise, and a half-sister named Erin from his father’s first marriage.

What is the net worth of Christian Bale?

Christian Bale’s net worth is estimated to be $120 million.

What is the education of Christian Bale?

Christian Bale attended Bournemouth School but left school at age 16.

What are the major awards Christian Bale received?

Christian Bale has received various accolades, including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. He won an Academy Award for his portrayal of boxer Dicky Eklund in the 2010 film “The Fighter.”

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