Islam gave me the answers to my questions, Korean vlogger Dawood Kim.

After entering the circle of Islam, Korean vlogger Dawood Kim was once again blessed with Umrah.

He shared pictures from Makkah-ul-Mukarmah and in the caption expressed his feelings of spirituality.

He wrote that

‘Islam gave me the answer to all my questions, when I was wandering in the darkness of anonymity in search of light and trying to know why I was born, why I am alive and why I where have to go?’.

He wrote that

My life was on the brink of destruction, I used to feel that I was an unfortunate person, that’s why I was wandering alone, but then Irealized that I am not alone, my Allah is with me.

At that time, Islam gave me the answers to all my questions, told me the purpose of my birth and life, and told me where to go after this, I am lucky that Allah chose me.


He further wrote that ‘My life was never perfect, I made many mistakes, faced many criticisms but Allah never left me and always kept me under the shade of His mercy’.

His fans expressed warmth and love for this post and his spiritual sentiments.

It should be noted that Jay Kim accepted Islam in 2019, which he announced on his social media account in 2020. After converting, he also changed his name from ‘Jay Kim’ to ‘Dawood Kim’.

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