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Muhammad Ayad: 18-month-old Pakistani child win 7 world titles?

Teaching an 18-month-old baby to walk and talk is the first priority of parents, but there are some people who try to teach their children something different as soon as they are born, and often succeed. We will talk about him who won 7 international titles at the age of 18 months.

Muhammad Ayad’s mother, Umm Aleen, had a stroke before the birth of Muhammad Ayad, and under these circumstances, doctors advised her to abort the five-month pregnancy, but the woman refused to do so and decided to give birth to her child.

The woman gave birth and 20-month-old Ayad is living a normal life, while at 18 months he has won 7 world titles, and surprisingly, Ayad started reacting to things at the age of 4 months. And in a few months, he had learned the recognition of things and letters.

Umm Aleen said that:

Due to posting videos of the child on social media, people advised me to approach international awarding bodies after which the institutions saw the talent of my child and awarded 7 certificates.

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