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Frank Caprio: A Pakistani couple gifted a Peshawari hat to American judge.

New York: A Pakistani couple presented a Peshawari hat as a gift to famous American judge Frank Caprio during the hearing of a case related to wrongful parking.

Pakistani citizen Jood Ahmed had to be hashed out in Judge Frank Caprio’s court after receiving a ticket for wrong parking.

During the hearing, Judge Frank Caprio also called the wife for accusing the wife, on which there was an interesting conversation between the three.

The judge praised Pakistanis and talked about food and also said that

The food of Italian restaurants in their area is very popular.

At the end of the conversation, the Pakistani young man and his wife expressed their desire to take a photo with the judge, and the judge happily accepted.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani couple presented the judge with a Peshawari hat. The judge took a picture with the Pakistani couple wearing the hat.

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