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The barber cut the hair in such a way that the onlookers were stunned, and heartbroken.

The barber did such a great job cutting the hair of a cancer patient that the viewers couldn’t help but be impressed.

A girl named Eva Barilaro recently had to cut off her favorite hair due to a disease that causes the hair on the head to fall out at a rapid rate.

A man who was getting a haircut at a barber shop started to cry and turn his shaved head involuntarily. The barber comforted him and started running the trimmer on his hair, too.

The girl was suddenly startled to see this scene and she asked the barber not to do so, but the barber proceeded to use a trimmer on her head. Meanwhile, the girl continued to cry uncontrollably.

An online video of a man shaving his head in solidarity with a cancer patient has touched millions of hearts. More than 2.5 Million user share this video on Twitter.

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