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Viral Video: Man Tries To Eat Noodles In Extreme Cold, This Is What Happens.

Man Tries To Eat Noodles

If you have ever been to a cold region for sightseeing, you will have a good idea of the difficulty of eating.

But if the bitter cold is at its peak in this region, you might not be able to eat anything, even fresh water in snowy areas freezes in seconds, one such surprising video is going viral on social media.

It can be seen in the video that even the food has frozen in this blood-curdling cold, which takes only a second to take from the bowl to the mouth. So it became impossible to eat noodles.

In a video shared on Instagram, a man put a spoon in a bowl full of noodles to eat them in a very snowy area. Due to the cold, the spoon froze in the air along with the noodles, while the man’s beard also froze. can be seen.

The person in the video said that when I came out to eat the noodles, I saw that it was a bit cold here, it was so cold that even the noodles turned to ice with a spoon.

This video has been liked more than 1 million times by social media users, but it is not known which snow region this video is from.

Many users were surprised to see Jimmy Snow on her eyelashes and hair, with one user asking if it was makeup or if she was actually frozen.

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