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The robot will now appear in front of the world as a lawyer.

As the world continues to develop, surprising things are coming out. For the first time in the world, a robot lawyer is going to fight a case in court.

As the world is progressing, new inventions are surprising people. You may have seen robots doing cleaning, office work, waiter service, and many strange robots in movies too but now not in movies but in real-world robots will soon appear in the form of lawyers. are going to happen and that time is not far away but a matter of weeks.

According to US media reports, a robot lawyer developed by a local technology company will defend a person involved in a traffic violation case in court next month.

The company that makes the robot lawyer says that it has used artificial intelligence in its invention. It will be operated through a smartphone.

According to the report, the robot lawyer will listen to the court proceedings and tell his client through headphones what arguments he has to give in his favor.

The company is hopeful for the success of the robot lawyer, but the company owner also says that if the robot lawyer loses the case in court, the company will pay the damages and court costs.

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