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Top 10 Best Scientist in World by 2023 with short Biography.

The best scientist of the world in 2023 is still unknown. But we can predict that it will be Jennifer Doudna (1962-), Robert Langer (1948-), Emmanuelle Charpentier (1968-), Syed Qasim Mehdi(1941-2016), Shuji Nakamura (1954-), Frances Arnold (1956-), Martin Rees (1942-) , Shinya Yamanaka (1962-), Yoshinori Ohsumi (1945-), Stephen Hawking (1942-201).  These scientist help a lot in the field of science with their unique inventions.

Jennifer Anne Doudna ForMemRS is an American biochemist who has done pioneering work in CRISPR gene editing, and made other fundamental contributions in biochemistry and genetics.

Doudna was one of the first women to share a Nobel in the sciences.

2. Robert Langer

Robert Samuel Langer Jr. FREng is an American chemical engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and one of the twelve Institute Professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

3. Emmanuelle Charpentier

Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier is a French professor and researcher in microbiology, genetics, and biochemistry. As of 2015, she has been a director at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin.

In 2018, she founded an independent research institute, the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens.

4. Syed Qasim Mehdi

Syed Qasim Mehdi was a renowned Pakistani molecular biologist who worked in population genetics. He was a founding member of the Human Genome Diversity Project with prominent role in the initiation of this project at the Stanford University.

5. Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura  is a Japanese-born American electronic engineer and inventor specializing in the field of semiconductor technology, professor at the Materials Department of the College of Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and is regarded as the inventor of the blue LED, a major breakthrough in lighting technology.

6. Frances Arnold

Frances Hamilton Arnold is an American chemical engineer and Nobel Laureate. She is the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology.

7. Martin Rees

Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow OM FRS FREng FMedSci FRAS HonFInstP is a British cosmologist and astrophysicist. He is the fifteenth Astronomer Royal, appointed in 1995, and was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, from 2004 to 2012 and President of the Royal Society between 2005 and 2010.

8. Shinya Yamanaka

Shinya Yamanaka is a Japanese stem cell researcher and a Nobel Prize laureate. He serves as the director of Center for iPS Cell (induced Pluripotent Stem Cell) Research and Application and a professor at the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences at Kyoto University; as a senior investigator at the UCSF-affiliated Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, California; and as a professor of anatomy at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). 

9. Yoshinori Ohsumi

Yoshinori Ohsumi is a Japanese cell biologist specializing in autophagy, the process that cells use to destroy and recycle cellular components. Ohsumi is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Institute of Innovative Research.

10. Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who, at the time of his death, was director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.


From the above list, it has been concluded that there are many great scientist in the world and some of them will be in the list of 10 best scientists in the year 2023.

The contents of this page are sourced from Wikipedia article on 26 September 2022. The contents are available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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