Zhang Ruimin

Quick Facts

Full NameZhang Ruimin (张瑞敏)
Birth DateJanuary 5, 1949
Birth PlaceLaizhou, Shandong, China
EducationMaster’s degree in Business Administration
Alma MaterUniversity of Science and Technology of China
Net Worth$45 Billion
TitleFormer Chairman of the Board and CEO, of Haier Group
Notable AchievementsFirst Chinese business leader to speak at Harvard University
Significant RolesAppointed director of Qingdao Refrigerator Factory (predecessor of Haier Group) in December 1984
Key ContributionsTransformed Haier from a failing factory into an IoT ecosystem brand
Management InnovationsCreated the Rendanheyi model, praised for management innovations
RecognitionDescribed by Gary Hamel as “a CEO representative of the Internet era”
SuccessionResigned as CEO of Haier Group in 2021, succeeded by Liang Haishan
Early LifeBorn to a working-class family, my parents worked in a garment factory; participated in the Red Guards
Western Management StudiesStudied Western management theories extensively and took several courses on the subject

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