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An entrepreneur who spends $2 million annually to maintain youth.

New York: Man seeks a long life and perpetual youth. In this situation, a technology industry expert in the United States spends a significant sum of money $2 million annually to maintain his youth.

Despite only being 45 years old, Brian Johnson is concerned about getting older. He claims that his skin is 28 years old, his lungs are functioning like an 18-year-old, and his heart is 37 years old.

Along with their diet and exercise schedules, the ‘Project Blueprint’ also charts their sleep patterns.

Every month they also undergo MRI, blood tests, and other types of tests. Their body fat will hardly be 5-6% which is also a significant achievement.

They use seven creams daily. Laser therapy is done once a month. Wake up at five in the morning and take more than 25 medications and supplements a day.

They are wasting their money, claim the detractors, because no one is exempt from old age. However, Brian claims he wants to postpone aging and live a long time.

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