Indian actress Taapsee Pannu’s marriage date has been revealed

Mumbai: Bollywood industry’s leading actress Taapsee Pannu’s marriage date with her long-time friend badminton player Mathias Bowe has been revealed.

According to Indian media, Taapsee Pannu and badminton player Mathias Bowe will marry at the end of March this year.

According to the report, no Bollywood celebrities will be invited to Taapsee Pannu’s wedding, while the wedding will be by the traditions and customs of Sikh and Christian religions, as the actress belongs to the Sikh religion while her husband-to-be belongs to the Christian religion.

Indian actress Taapsee Pannu's marriage date has been revealed

Earlier in an interview in January 2023, Taapsee Pannu while talking about her wedding said that there will be a lot of dancing at her wedding, and there will be good food on time but no ceremony in her wedding will last late into the night. will go on and their marriage will be free from unnecessary dramas.

Talking about her wedding makeup, Taapsee Pannu said, “I feel bad when I see girls who apply a thick layer of makeup on their faces on their wedding day.

Taapsee Pannu said that I wonder how much brides present themselves when they see their wedding photos and videos. Because a thick layer of makeup completely changes their face.

It should be noted that Taapsee Pannu has been dating Mathias Boy for almost 10 years, she often talks about their relationship in interviews and on social media.

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