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Entry of horses with models in Paris Fashion Week

France: The entry of horses along with models at the world’s biggest fashion show Paris Fashion Week 2023 surprised everyone.

According to foreign media, horses entered the ramp before models in dresses designed by designer Stella McCartney at Paris Fashion Week.

Stella McCartney highlighted the importance of animal rights by including eco-friendly clothing without the use of leather in her collection. McCartney said that

Her collection does not use any material such as fur or hair that has harmed or killed an animal.

The designer introduced her exclusive collection based on horse prints while other models held pictures of horses drawn by the female designer’s sister and mother.

Not only this, but for the first time in Paris Fashion Week, a model entered the ramp wearing clothes that were on fire.

Videos of these unique scenes of Paris Fashion Week 2023 are going viral on social media, and are being commented on by users.

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