Rakhi Sawant: Arrested by the police.

Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant was arrested by the police. According to Media Reports, The Amboli Police has arrested Rakhi Sawant in connection with the Shirley Chopra case.

According to reports, the Mumbai Sessions Court has rejected Rakhi Sawant’s pre-arrest bail application and the Amboli Police has arrested her. It is unclear why the court chose to reject her application.

Adil Khan married Rakhi Sawant, who shared wedding pictures and videos of the ceremony on social media. It is known that Rakhi converted to Islam before the wedding and changed her name to Fatima.

When Adil Khan Durrani married into the Muslim faith, he followed traditional Islamic wedding customs. As a result, his bridegroom was given a dowry of 51,786 Rs.

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