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The Saudi Crown Prince Donated 13 Million Riyals for the Release of the Prisoners.

Riyadh: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is always at the forefront of welfare work. Examples of their human compassion often come to the fore.


Now the Saudi Crown Prince has once again donated tens of millions of riyals out of his own pocket to dozens of charities. 


According to Al-Arabiya News,

Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz has given orders to donate 10 million riyals out of his own pocket to welfare agencies.


According to the Crown Prince’s orders, 29 welfare agencies and organizations in the country have been ordered to donate 87 million riyals and 13 million riyals for the release of 150 prisoners. The money donated by the Saudi Crown Prince will be paid through the Sanad Muhammad Bin Salman Program.


Donations will be made to 8 major social sectors, including women’s welfare organizations, disability sponsorships, cancer treatment and rehabilitation organizations, divorced and widowed women.


These include organizations such as welfare, orphan welfare, health, syndrome charity, senior citizen care.


In addition, the Saudi Crown Prince has personally allocated 13 million riyals out of 10 million riyals for the release of 150 prisoners who are incarcerated due to non-payment of fines, but imprisoned under military cases.


This amount will not be enough for the criminals. The donation of 10 million riyals by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reflects his spirit of human welfare and his efforts to help non-profit organizations.


The Crown Prince has been donating 10 million riyals annually for the past four years, benefiting 120,000 orphans, widows, the disabled, cancer patients, the elderly, young people, marriages and needy families. 

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