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10 Dams to be Constructed in the Country by 2028, says PM Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated his commitment to build 10 dams in the country by 2028.

He visited the dam under construction in Mohmand on Wednesday and inspected its construction work. He later visited Peshawar, where he inaugurated a low-cost housing project for industrial workers.


Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the housing project, Prime Minister Imran said that we can generate 50,000 MW of electricity from water in Pakistan, so we intend to build 10 large water dams by 2028.


The Prime Minister said that despite the outbreak of Corona virus, the construction of Mohmand Dam is underway and this project will be completed in the year 2025 through which the people of Mohmand will get affordable electricity.


Construction of the Mohmand Dam began in May 2019 and continued during the Corona virus global epidemic, while a dam is being built on the Swat River to prevent flood damage.


These projects will cost about Rs 310 billion with a height of 213 meters while 1.293 million acre-feet of water will be collected. Similarly, 800 MW of electricity will also be generated.


The height of this multipurpose dam costing Rs. 1 billion will be 213 million. It will have a storage capacity of 1.293 million acre feet and will help generate 800 MW of electricity.

He said that 17,000 acres of land would be irrigated from this dam while Peshawar would get 300 million gallons of water from it. He further said that these dams should have been built 50 years ago today.


PM Imran Khan said that PTI has not thought of the next elections but the future of the nation. Five years later, I want to see how the weaker class has risen. In our time, banks are giving loans to the common man to build a house.


Imran Khan said that Pakistan is the name of a great dream. Unfortunately we strayed from the path we were supposed to take. Allah blessed the state of Madinah with the greatest blessings.


He said that in the past we have to make expensive payments for setting up commissions instead of dams, whether we buy electricity or not. Past governments have taken money from IPPs by making such agreements.


The Prime Minister further said that electricity was being sold at a lower price than the price at which it was being generated due to expensive projects which was harming the country. If this situation continues, the revolving credit will reach Rs 1,455 billion by 2023.

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