Another video of Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed goes viral.

The video of famous Pakistani actress Hania Aamir and actor Farhan Saeed hugging each other is going viral on social media.

Is there any special relationship between them because for a long time actor Farhan Saeed is not seen with his wife Urwa Hussain. According to the details, actress Hania Aamir and singer and actor Farhan Saeed gave a smoky performance in the awards show of the private channel.

Aamir looked under pressure to perform well in front of hundreds of people. Hania Aamir was hugged by Farhan Saeed and encouraged.

This video of Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir was about to be released when social media users turned their guns towards the pair. Someone asked Farhan Saeed about his wife while someone called Farhan Saeed a Tharki.

Seeing the unabashed friendship between Hania and Farhan, users are criticizing and asking why they look so familiar to each other. It should be noted that Farhan Saeed’s wife, actress Urwa Hussain, was also present at the same awards show, who performed with actress Zara Noor Abbas instead of her husband.

It should be remembered that the news of separation between actor Farhan Saeed and his wife actress Urwa Hussain is circulating, which has not yet been confirmed or denied.

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