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Japan’s world famous wrestler Enoki passed away

Tokyo: Japan’s world famous wrestler Enoki passed away at the age of 79.

According to the Japanese media, the wrestler Enoki was being treated in the hospital for some time due to ill health, where he could not die.

Enoki was very popular among the Japanese people and the government and the people are saddened by his death.

Enoki had a lot of love and respect for Pakistan and Pakistani people, he became popular in Pakistan after his defeat by Pakistani wrestler Jhara Pahlwan in 1979.

After the death of Jhara Pahlwan, Enoki trained his nephew in Japan under his supervision. India and Pakistan wanted to do a peace walk on the Wagah border to promote peace.

Enoki released dozens of Japanese citizens due to his personal relationship with Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-US war, and he accepted Islam at the invitation of Saddam Hussein, while Enoki was given the Islamic name of Muhammad Hossein Enoki.

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