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Sajid Sidpara’s historic feat, summited the highest peak of Mount Manaslu without Oxygen.

Kathmandu: Pakistan’s renowned mountain climber Sajid Sadpara made another history by getting over the most noteworthy peak of Mount Manaslu.

According to the details, Sajid Sadpara’s accomplishment of this historic feat has been reported on his own Twitter account.

It should be noted that he is the first Pakistani to climb the highest peak of Mount Manaslu, this feat has not been done by any other mountaineer before him, it is the eighth highest peak in the world located in Nepal.

A torrential slide has additionally happened on Mount Manaslu, delaying the culmination undertaking of any remaining climbers.

Sajid Sadpara took to the social media website after the avalanche to report that the two Pakistani climbers were safe but some others were injured and were awaiting rescue by helicopters.

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