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Luke Bryan Stands Up for Katy Perry Amidst ‘American Idol’ Criticism

Katy Perry American Idol:

Luke Bryan, one of the judges at the hit display “American Idol” has come to the protection of his colleague, Katy Perry, in the face of backlash and complaints she has received this season.

Despite the negativity surrounding her, Luke’s unwavering support for Katy demonstrates the strong bond shared by the judges of the show. In an interview at the CMA Fest in Nashville, Luke Bryan spoke out against the haters and stood up for Katy Perry, emphasizing the challenges she has faced throughout her career.

A Unified Judging Panel:

Throughout the six seasons of “American Idol” on ABC, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie have displayed a genuine camaraderie as judges on the show. Luke’s recent defense of Katy against the ongoing hate and scrutiny she has endured off-camera reflects the strong rapport they share both on and off the screen.

Facing Criticism:

This season, Katy Perry has faced significant criticism and negative attention for certain comments she made during the show. One incident involved Katy being accused of “mom shaming” Sara Beth Liebe, a contestant who revealed she had three children before the age of 25. Despite the backlash, Luke Bryan came forward to support Katy, acknowledging that judgment and scrutiny come with the territory of being on a show like “American Idol.”

Defending a Sense of Humor:

Luke Bryan highlighted the importance of allowing judges to have fun and showcase their personalities during the show. He expressed that Katy should not be faulted for trying to inject humor and lightheartedness into the program. In an industry where scrutiny is prevalent, Luke believes it is crucial not to lose the ability to take risks and create enjoyable moments for both the contestants and the audience.

Misunderstandings and Intentions:

In addition to the “mom shaming” incident, Katy Perry also faced criticism for comments she made about a contestant named Nutsa, regarding her appearance. Luke Bryan clarified that Katy’s intention was not to attack or belittle Nutsa, but rather to encourage her to express her true self through her music. Misinterpretations can occur, and the judges often find themselves in vulnerable positions where public opinion can be harsh and unforgiving.

Appreciating Katy Perry:

Luke Bryan expressed his admiration for Katy’s resilience and her ability to handle criticism throughout her career, recognizing the immense scale on which she has dealt with such challenges. He believes that her experiences have made her even more deserving of respect and support.


While the official announcement of the judges for the next season of “American Idol” is yet to be made, Luke Bryan’s defense of Katy Perry against the criticism she faced this season is a testament to the solidarity among the judges. Luke’s unwavering support for Katy highlights the understanding and camaraderie shared by the judging panel, emphasizing the need to appreciate and respect the challenges faced by artists in the public eye. As auditions for the upcoming season approach, fans eagerly await news of the judges’ lineup for another exciting season of “American Idol.”

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