New Invention: Motorcycle itself will protect you from accident.

Tokyo: Japanese experts have introduced a new strategy to keep motorcyclists safe from accidents.

According to the details, the motorcycle manufacturing companies in Japan are getting the help of modern technology to make the motorcycles safer to use.

In this regard, according to the report of a foreign news agency, Yamaha company is developing a system to assist motor braking which is equipped with radar.

The system automatically measures the distance from the vehicle in front, providing standard braking force to the front and rear wheels if a collision is detected.

Apart from this, the said system also controls the suspension system to keep the bike rider safe from accidents.

Yamaha hopes to introduce the system in some of its larger models in Japan around the middle of next year, a company spokesman said.

Kawasaki Motors has installed a warning system in some of its larger models since April, warning the driver if a vehicle is approaching from behind.

Apart from this, Honda and Suzuki company have also improved the safety features of their models.

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