Noora Fatehi became a target of criticism for hoisting the Indian flag in FIFA.

Doha: Moroccan-born artiste Noora Fatehi waved the Indian flag at a concert during the FIFA World Cup, after which social media trolling started.

Noora Fatehi is the first Indian personality who made a profile on FIFA’s platform, but the actress expressed her love for India at a high cost.

Noora Fatehi also featured in the official song of the FIFA World Cup, Light The Sky. The Indian actress and dancer also performed in a fan festival during the football world cup ceremony in Qatar.

During the performance, the Indian actress held the Indian flag to express her love for India, but the actress waved the Indian flag in a wrong way. Since then comments started on social media for and against Noora.

The actress is being told that she insulted the Indian flag during the FIFA World Cup ceremony.

A user wrote that she is representing India even though she is not an Indian citizen.

Another user on social media criticized Noora and wrote that bro she does not belong to India she is only earning from here how can she value this flag.

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