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Rameez Raja is free to comment wherever he wants, including PSL.

rameez raja

Lahore: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) rejected Rameez Raja’s claim to apologize for the commentary.

According to the PCB spokesperson, the former chairman is free to comment, there is no restriction on him, and he can work as a commentator wherever he wants.

He said that the board did not ask him to apologize first and then apply for commentary. Najam Sethi, head of the management committee of the cricket board, has already made it clear in his statements that Rameez Raja took Pakistan Super ( Can comment everywhere including PSL).

Earlier, the former chairman of PCB had taken a stand in his statement that to work as a commentator in PSL, the board wants me to first apologize to him and then apply for commentary.

It should be noted that the announcement of the commentary panel for the Pakistan Super League is expected next week.

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