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Biopic Announced: Who will play the role of Micheal in the film?

In the biopic, Michael Jackson’s 26-year-old nephew Jafar Jackson will play the singer, according to a report in a foreign media outlet citing Lionsgate Studio, the company that documented the life of the late singer.

In a statement, Lionsgate stated that the movie “Michael” will depict the complex man who rose to the position of King of Pop, examining every facet of his life and his most illustrious performances. Made him a music industry “icon.”.

The movie will be directed by Hollywood’s Anton Fuqua, and it will be produced by Graham King.

Jafar Jackson was selected to play Michael Jackson because, according to the movie’s producer and director, he had the natural ability to bring his uncle’s character to life.

“It was clear that he was the only person to play the role well,” the film’s director added, adding that he can’t wait for the world to see Jafar Jackson as Michael Jackson on the big screen.

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