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Ronaldo: You will also be shocked to read the price of Ronaldo’s watch.

The famous footballer Ronaldo is not only famous because of his game but also because of his personality. Social media is currently talking about his most expensive watch, which he wore at Mrsool Park Stadium after signing with Saudi club Al Nasr. The price of this watch is in crores.

Ronaldo likes to coordinate his clothes and personal accessories wherever he is, which is why his precious watch has been the center of attention.

Since he is living in Saudi Arabia, he has chosen the watch very thoughtfully because the numbers on his watch are written in the Arabic language.

According to the Saudi news agency Al-Arabiya, Ronaldo is wearing a “Rolex” brand “Cosmograph Daytona” watch with precious diamonds.

The price of this watch is said to be about 6 lakh 50 thousand Saudis which is about 4 crores of Pakistanis. This exquisite watch is not only considered the best for professional racing car drivers, but its steel does not break easily even when dropped and is also protected from the sun’s rays. There is also a precious layer of gold or platinum on the watch.

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