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The Prime Minister suggested a solution to reduce inflation.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has told two major opposition families that if they return half of the money they have stolen abroad in the last 30 years to the government, they will halve the prices of groceries in the country. Has a promise to the whole nation.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday regarding the government’s relief package, the Prime Minister said that no such welfare program had been launched in the history of Pakistan before. Collected data of deserving families after years of hard work.

The Prime Minister said that

The economic situation in which we got the reins of the country was never so bad as before. He said he was grateful to the United Arab Emirates and China for helping Pakistan in such a difficult time.

He said that the government relief package is for 20 million families which will benefit about 130 million Pakistanis.

The Prime Minister said that 30 per cent subsidy on flour, ghee and pulses was being given to the deserving families in the relief package which would continue for the next six months.

The Prime Minister said that

The subsidy of Rs. 120 billion would be extended to the deserving families from the said package and if the economic situation remained right, it would be extended further. He said that apart from Ehsas program, programs worth Rs. 26 billion are also running.

Imran Khan said that through Successful Pakistan program, interest free loans of Rs. 1400 billion are being provided to deserving people which will enable them to build their own houses along with their business.

The Prime Minister said that in line with his vision, he would provide health insurance to the whole of Pakistan in the form of health cards so that the people could get their treatment when needed. He said that 100 percent people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have received health cards while by March next year, health cards would be provided to all families in Punjab.

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