Andre Kertesz

Quick Facts

NameAndré Kertész (born Andor Kertész)
BornJuly 2, 1894, Budapest, Austria-Hungary
DiedSeptember 21, 1985 (aged 91), New York City, U.S.
SpousesRogi André, Elizabeth Saly
Known ForGroundbreaking contributions to photographic composition and the photo essay
Early CareerEarly work published primarily in magazines
World War IServed briefly in World War I
Move to ParisMoved to Paris in 1925, worked for VU magazine, involved with Dada movement
Emigration to U.S.Moved to the United States in 1936 due to German persecution of Jews and WWII threat
Career PhasesHungarian period, French period, American period, International period
Early LifeHe was born to a middle-class Jewish family; his father died in 1908, and he was raised by his mother and uncle
EducationSelf-taught photographer; expected to work as a stockbroker by family
RecognitionAchieved critical and commercial success in Paris; had to rebuild reputation in the U.S.
InfluenceConsidered one of the seminal figures of 20th-century photography
Photography StyleKnown for unorthodox camera angles and innovative composition
LegacyHis work gained greater international success and recognition later in his life

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