Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani | Reviews, Plot, Cast & Release Date

I’m thrilled to share the exciting updates about the recently released Chhattisgarhi film, “Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani.” The film, directed by the talented Satish Jain, has been creating a buzz in Chhattisgarh, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and remarkable performances.

Overview of the Film:

“Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani” is a love story set in a school, depicting the journey of a lad from a lowly home and a charming girl, the principal’s daughter. The film, which is filled with comedy, romance, and drama, addresses the difficulties of youthful love and promises a beautiful conclusion. Amlesh Nagesh and Elsa Ghosh portray the key parts, which lend depth and charm to the story.

Quick Facts About Movie “Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani”

Title:Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani
Release Date:May 5, 2023
Genre:Romantic Comedy
Director:Satish Jain
Producer:Chhotalal Sahu
Lead Actors:Amlesh Nagesh, Elsa Ghosh
Music Director:Prafulla Baihera
Lyrics and Director:Satish Jain
Singers:Sunil Soni, Anupama Mishra
Director of Photography:Siddharth Singh
Choreography:Chandan Deep
Editor:Tulendra Patel
Recording Studio:Milan Studio Cuttack
Budget:Rs 80 to 100 lakhs
First Day Box Office:Rs 6,07,000
Total Box Office Earnings:Exceeded Rs 10 crores
Audience Response:Full house on the first day, positive reviews for engaging plot and performances.
Current Box Office:Daily collection of Rs 20 to 30 lakhs


The estimated budget for “Maya Ke Kahani” is between Rs 80 to 100 lakhs, a testament to the film’s commitment to quality production.

Box Office Success:

The film broke box office records, especially on its first day. “Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani” grossed Rs 6,07,000 on its first day, exceeding expectations and outperforming numerous Bollywood and regional films. The film’s success has continued, with total earnings topping Rs 10 crores.

Audience Reception:

Audiences have flocked to theaters, experiencing a full house on the very first day. Viewers have praised the movie for its engaging plot, stellar performances, and a perfect blend of various emotions, including dance, romance, love, tantrums, and laughter.

Today’s Box Office Collection:

As of today, the film continues to draw a significant audience, with a daily collection ranging between Rs 20 to 30 lakhs. The movie’s total earnings showcase its consistent performance and appeal, making it a standout success in the Chhattisgarhi film industry.

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“Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani,” a gripping Chhattisgarhi film released in 2023, has gained enormous popularity for its sweet love story set in a school. The film is a lovely blend of romance, comedy, and drama, directed by the great Satish Jain and starring stellar performances by Amlesh Nagesh and Elsa Ghosh in lead parts. With its high box office receipts, the film has become a Chhattisgarh smash, enthralling moviegoers with its compelling plot and superb execution.

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Chhattisgarhi Movie 2023 is a gripping Chhattisgarhi film released in 2023 that features a charming love story set in a school setting. The film, directed by Satish Jain and starring Amlesh Nagesh and Elsa Ghosh, is a great blend of romance, comedy, and drama. The film has become extremely famous due to its compelling storyline and great performances, attracting large crowds to theatres and smashing box office records. It demonstrates the creative abilities of the entire crew involved in its creation.

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“Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani” has surely become a blockbuster in Chhattisgarh, exceeding fans’ expectations. The film’s success is a credit to the ability and originality of the whole crew involved in its creation, as seen by its remarkable box office results and positive reviews.

If you haven’t experienced the magic of “Le Suru Hoge Maya Ke Kahani” yet, it’s time to head to your nearest theater and witness the love story that has taken Chhattisgarh by storm.

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