Arif Lohar


Celebrated Pakistani folk singer Arif Lohar has won praise from all around the world for his heartfelt performances and commitment to protecting Punjab’s rich cultural legacy. He was born in Lalamusa, Punjab, Pakistan, on April 18, 1966. His father is the renowned folk singer Alam Lohar. With a strong foundation in Punjabi folk music, Arif’s musical career has taken him across borders and placed him in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Quick Facts about Arif Lohar Biography:

BirthdateApril 18, 1966
BirthplaceLalamusa, Punjab, Pakistan
Family BackgroundSon of renowned folk singer Alam Lohar
Musical InstrumentKnown for playing the ‘Chimta,’ a native musical instrument resembling tongs
Foreign ToursPerformed in over 50 foreign tours across the UK, United States, UAE, and other countries
Notable PerformanceSang in front of a crowd of almost 1 million during the opening ceremony of the 2004 Asian Games in China
AwardsReceived the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan in 2005
DiscographyBoasts over 150 albums and more than 3,000 recorded songs, predominantly in the Punjabi language
Film ContributionsPlayed lead roles in Punjabi movies and contributed to the soundtrack of the highest-grossing Pakistani film, “Jugni” (2012)
Philanthropic WorkActively involved in charitable work, including campaigns for health awareness and fundraising for victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods

Recognition and Awards:

The Government of Pakistan bestowed upon Arif Lohar the esteemed Pride of Performance Award in 2005, in recognition of his noteworthy cultural contributions and his unwavering dedication to preserving the core of Punjabi folk music. With an amazing discography that includes more than 150 albums and more than 3,000 recorded songs, the majority of which are in Punjabi, Arif Lohar has cemented his reputation as a steward of the region’s rich musical traditions.


  • Alif Allah (Jugni)
  • Ek Pal
  • Bol Mitti Diya Baawiya
  • Sher Punjab Da
  • Soniye
  • Aakhian
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)
  • Punjab Bolda
  • Paar Langadey Veh
  • Yaara Kaulu Yaar Gwanchan
  • Koka Saat Rang Dah
  • Sianyah
  • Ik Din Pyaar Da
  • Mirza
  • Jugni
  • Panj Dariyah
  • The Legend
  • Kamlee Yaar dee Kamlee
  • 21st Century Jugni (Mukhtar Sahota)

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