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Jasmine Kaur Sandlas, a musical luminary, has carved her mark in the industry with a lyrical pen. Jasmine’s musical odyssey is a perfect blend of history and contemporary attraction, born in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, and raised within the ethnic tapestry of Stockton, California. This article unfolds Jasmine Sandlas Biography notes, charting the rhythms from her childhood to the most recent crescendos of 2023.

Quick Facts about Jasmine Sandlas Biography

AspectQuick Facts
Full NameJasmine Kaur Sandlas
BirthdateSeptember 4, 1985
BirthplaceJalandhar, Punjab, India
Raised InStockton, California, USA
Debut Song“Muskan” (2008)
Bollywood Playback Debut“Yaar Na Miley” for the film Kick (2014)
Key Collaborations– “Gulabi” album with rapper Bohemia (2012)
Major Bollywood Hit“Yaar Na Miley,” topping charts and winning awards (2014)
TV Series Participation“Angels of Rock” on MTV India, showcasing women empowerment (2016)
Album Releases– “What’s In A Name” (2020) on her YouTube Channel, featuring 8 songs
– “The Great Punjabi Experiment” (2021), an experiment with 9 songs
– EP “Tini” (2022), featuring 4 songs
2023 Releases– “Jehri ve,” a collaboration with Gippy Grewal (January)
– “Ittar,” a soul-stirring composition written by Jaani, music by B Praak (March 7)
Notable Awards– “Most Popular Song of the Year 2016” at PTC Punjabi Film Awards
– Screen Award for Best Female Playback
Artistic StyleFusion of traditional Punjabi sounds with contemporary beats
Musical InfluencesEarly exposure to Punjabi folk music; later inspired by the West Coast music scene in California
Philanthropic VenturesParticipated in a biking journey for women empowerment on “Angels of Rock” series
Independence and InnovationReleased albums independently, showcasing innovative art and animation (e.g., “What’s In A Name”)
Latest Projects– EP “Tini” (2022) featuring 4 songs
– Single “Jee Jeha Karda” (November 7, 2022)
– “Jehri ve” collaboration from the movie “Mitraan da Naa Chalda” (January 30, 2023)
– “Ittar” released on March 7, 2023

Early Life and Background:

Jasmine Kaur Sandlas was born on September 4, 1985, in the scenic city of Jalandhar, Punjab, India, into a culturally rich and musically interested Punjabi Sikh family. The first notes of her fate were struck within the walls of her childhood home. Recognizing her daughter’s musical aptitude, her mother took an important step by bringing Jasmine to the stage at a young age.

Jasmine enthusiastically participated in several music competitions during her school days, where her voice rang across auditoriums and resonated with audiences. These early musical experiences laid the groundwork for a lifetime love affair with music. The colorful environment of Punjab, with its folk traditions and soul-stirring tunes, served as the foundation for Jasmine’s particular musical personality.

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Jasmine’s life was transformed at the early age of 13 when her family chose to embark on a voyage across continents. California, with its broad ethnic tapestry and lively West Coast music scene, became her new artistic canvas. Her Punjabi heritage combined with the varied sounds of the West sparked a creative fire within her.

California’s musical scene, spanning from hip-hop to R&B, influenced Jasmine’s style and contributed to the unique blend of traditional Punjabi sounds with a contemporary flair that would later identify her as an artist. At the age of 16, Jasmine Sandlas was inspired by the rich tapestry of the West Coast and began to build her own musical storylines.

Musical Odyssey in California

Jasmine’s move to California not only introduced her to a wide range of musical genres but also gave her the opportunity to explore and experiment with her profession. Jasmine’s artistic path began to take shape as she traversed the deep nuances of both her Punjabi ancestry and the dynamic musical culture of California, laying the groundwork for her ultimate climb to stardom in the worldwide music industry.

Jasmine Sandlas’s early exposure to the vivid sounds of Punjab and the variety of rhythms found in California served as the foundation for her musical development. These early years set the stage for a career that would cross cultural divides and have a lasting impact on the Punjabi music industry. With her story ready to be told, Jasmine set the stage and prepared to share her passion for musical storytelling with the world.

Music Career: Jasmine Sandlas Biography

Jasmine Sandlas’ career in the music business is proof of her unwavering enthusiasm, unique flair, and unrelenting quest for musical innovation. Jasmine has consistently pushed the limits of Punjabi music, starting with her modest first single “Muskan” in 2008 and then topping the Bollywood charts with the catchy beats of “Yaar Na Miley” in 2014.

Debut and Recognition:

Her first single, “Muskan,” which was included on the album “The Diamond,” signaled the beginning of a bright career. Her beautiful voice and expressive delivery won her praise for the soulful song, which became popular not just in Punjab but also beyond. Jasmine’s initial breakthrough cleared the path for her to become well-known in the mainstream Punjabi music industry.

Jasmine Sandlas Biography and journey to success
Photo: jasminesandlas instagram

Her 2012 album ‘Gulabi,’ which she co-produced with rapper Bohemia, was a major breakthrough that catapulted her into the public eye. She gained prominence in the industry when the Sony Music Company released her CD, which included a tasteful blend of modern beats and traditional Punjabi melodies.

Bollywood Playback Debut:

Alongside the well-known Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jasmine Sandlas made a noteworthy debut in Bollywood playback singing in 2014 with the song “Yaar Na Miley” for the movie Kick. The song shot to fame right away, propelling Jasmine into the mainstream Hindi cinema industry in addition to dominating the charts. She won multiple prizes, including the Screen Award for Best Female Playback and the PTC Punjabi Film prizes’ “Most Popular Song of the Year 2016” for her unique voice and the song’s contagious enthusiasm. She also received considerable critical acclaim.

Soundtrack Albums

2014Kick“Yaar Na Miley”, “Yaar Na Miley (Remix)”Yo Yo Honey SinghYo Yo Honey Singh
2015Second Hand Husband“Mitthi Meri Jaan”Rahul BehenwalJatinder Singh ShahGippy Grewal
2016One Night Stand“Ishq Da Sutta”KumaarMeet Bros
Veerappan“Khallas Veerappan”HerselfJeet GangulyShaarib, Toshi
Fuddu“Curves Mere Killerrr Killerrr”Satya KhareSumeet BellarySumeet Bellary
2017Machine“Brake’an Fail”HerselfDr ZeusRajveer Singh & Ikka
Naam Shabana“Baby Besharm”Meet BrosAditi Singh Sharma
2020Street Dancer 3D“Illegal Weapon 2.0”Priya SaraiyaTanishk BagchiGarry Sandhu
2016Zorawar“Raat Jashan Di”Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jasmine SandlasYo Yo Honey Singh
Jindua“Chal Jindua”Babu Singh MaanJaidev KumarRanjit Bawa, Akasa Singh
2014Hotal“Mombatti”Jasmine SandlasSolo
2017Khaidi No. 150“Ratthalu”Devi Sri PrasadNakash Aziz

Punjabi Solo Releases:

With solo albums like “Punjab De Javak” in 2015, Jasmine kept up her impressive performance in the Punjabi music arena. These singles demonstrated her ability to blend a contemporary, international appeal with the spirit of Punjabi culture. Her songs, which frequently drew from her own experiences and social observations, struck a chord with a wide range of listeners, solidifying her reputation as a flexible and approachable performer.

Biking for Empowerment and Television Presence:

In addition to her musical pursuits, Jasmine Sandlas paved the way for women’s emancipation when she appeared in MTV India’s “Angels of Rock” television series. Traveling with other artists from Mumbai to the Wagah border, she experienced India’s varied terrain. In addition to honoring music, the series featured motivational tales of strong women who broke barriers to succeed in a variety of professions.

2020 and Beyond:

Jasmine made a risky move in 2020 when she independently released her third album, “What’s In A Name,” on her YouTube account. Eight heartfelt pieces on the painstakingly produced album demonstrated not only her creative presenting skills with well-chosen animation and imagery but also her musical prowess.

Her later endeavors, such as the EP “Tini” in 2022 and the film “The Great Punjabi Experiment” in 2021, showed her dedication to discovering a variety of musical genres. Jasmine Sandlas keeps coming out of her shell, embracing the energy of the international music industry while remaining loyal to her roots through risk-taking experimentation, and teamwork.

Jasmine Sandlas Biography songs albums age and beautiful
Photo: jasminesandlas instagram

2023: A Continuation of Musical Brilliance:

With the release of “Jehri ve,” a collaboration including vocals by Gippy Grewal from the film “Mitraan da Naa Chalda,” Jasmine Sandlas marked the beginning of 2023. After thereafter, on March 7, the soul-stirring song “Ittar,” written by Jaani and composed by B Praak, was released, demonstrating her talent for evoking strong feelings in listeners.

As she continues to reshape Punjabi music, Jasmine Sandlas’s path serves as an example for aspiring musicians, showing how originality, sincerity, and a strong sense of connection to one’s heritage can forge a musical legacy that is beloved by listeners all over the world.

Crafting a Musical Legacy:

Throughout her storied career, Jasmine Sandlas has demonstrated that she is more than just a vocalist; rather, she is a maestro, creating a rich tapestry of Punjabi rhythms that reverberate throughout the world. Her distinctive musical legacy is proof of her inventiveness, sincerity, and unwavering ties to her own culture.

Distinctive Style and Innovation:

Jasmine’s unique style, which skillfully combines the ancient beats of Punjabi folk music with the modern rhythms influenced by her upbringing in California, is the foundation of her musical heritage. In addition to making her stand out in the Punjabi music scene, her ability to combine these seemingly unrelated aspects has brought her fame on a global scale. Jasmine’s inventiveness goes beyond her songs, as seen by carefully chosen albums such as “What’s In A Name,” where each track serves as a new chapter in a story that is always developing.

Jasmine Sandlas Biography _ Net Worth, Family, Career

Global Impact:

Jasmine’s music has an international appeal and reaches listeners regardless of location. Her catchy tunes and realistic lyrics have made her a cultural representative of Punjabi music, gaining her popularity throughout the world. From the upbeat beats of Bollywood singles to the poignant songs from her solo albums, Jasmine’s music has developed into a conduit that unites varied listeners and encourages a greater understanding of Punjabi sounds.

Pioneering Women’s Empowerment:

In addition to her musical career, Jasmine Sandlas has distinguished herself as a trailblazer in the field of women’s empowerment advocacy. Her participation in the “Angels of Rock” MTV India series demonstrated not only her talent as a musician but also her dedication to utilizing her platform to tell important stories. She reinforced the notion that music can be a potent tool for social change by highlighting the inspirational tales of women who defied social boundaries while biking from Mumbai to the Wagah border.

Independence and Creative Vision:

Jasmine’s dedication to artistic freedom is evident in her choice to self-release albums. Her vocal prowess and hands-on approach to the entire creative process are evident in “What’s In A Name” and her future efforts. Every component—from album themes to artwork and animation—is an expression of her creative vision, giving her audience a comprehensive and engaging experience.

AwardCategoryNominated WorkResult
7th Mirchi Music AwardsUpcoming Female Vocalist of The Year“Yaar Naa Miley” from KickNominated
Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2018Best Female ActWon
Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2019Best International Female ActWon

Evolution and Exploration:

Jasmine Sandlas continues to lead the way as the music business changes, boldly venturing into uncharted artistic territory. She consistently pushes the limits of Punjabi music, from her early hits like “Muskan” to the audacious experimentation in “The Great Punjabi Experiment.” Her partnerships, whether they be with well-known Bollywood stars or other Punjabi musicians, demonstrate her ability to grow while remaining loyal to her heritage.

Continued Impact in 2023:

With songs like “Jehri ve” and “Ittar,” Jasmine’s musical career is continuing in 2023, demonstrating her dedication to creating tunes that stir the soul. She continues to add to her musical legacy with every new endeavor, demonstrating that there is always a new note to be found in the ever-changing symphony of her career.

FAQs about Jasmine Sandlas Biography

Q: When did Jasmine Sandlas start her music career?

A: Jasmine Sandlas began her music career with her debut song “Muskan” in 2008.

Q: What is the significance of the album “Gulabi” in her career?

A: The album “Gulabi” marked a turning point in Jasmine’s career, bringing her recognition in the mainstream Punjabi music industry.

Q: How did Jasmine contribute to women’s empowerment in 2016?

A: Jasmine was part of the MTV India series “Angels of Rock,” where she biked from Mumbai to the Wagah border, meeting inspiring women and concluding each episode with a special song.

Q: Tell us about Jasmine’s 2020 album “What’s In A Name.”

A: “What’s In A Name” is Jasmine’s third album, featuring eight songs and showcasing a meticulous blend of art and animation.


The musical career of Jasmine Sandlas is a symphony of inventiveness, tenacity, and passion. Her career in the Punjabi music industry has taken her from the sleepy stages of Jalandhar to the international charts. As the tale of rhythms carries on, Jasmine Sandlas continues to be a source of inspiration, defying convention and creating fresh tunes that touch people’s hearts everywhere.

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