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Ramadan: US President congratulates Muslims and speaks in favor of the Muslim community.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Gage Skidmore

Washington: US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Joe Biden have congratulated the Muslims, especially Muslims living in the United States, on the arrival of Ramadan.


In his exclusive statement, Biden said,

“I warmly congratulate and wish Muslims all over the world, including the United States, a very happy Ramadan.”


“Muslims around the world will start fasting from tomorrow. We must not forget how difficult this year has been, friends and loved ones in the global epidemic are still celebrating and gathering together,”

He said.


Can’t be and many families will sit for Iftar without their lost loved ones.


“Our Muslim brothers and sisters will begin the month of Ramadan with renewed hope. American Muslims have greatly strengthened the United States by staying here,”

Biden said.


“I am as diverse and dynamic as he helped build America. Today, Muslims are at the forefront of our fight against Covid 19 and are playing a key role in vaccine development and as leading medical workers,”

He said.


He acknowledged that “Muslims in the United States have been targeted by bullying, bigotry and hate crimes. These attacks are wrong and unacceptable and must be stopped. Anyone living in the United States because of their faith.” Don’t live a life of fear.


“My government will work tirelessly to protect and protect the rights of all people. We are remembering our brothers who passed away last year and we are hopeful for a better future,”

He said.


“Muslim entrepreneurs and business owners based in the United States.”


Is engaged in job creation as they are risking their lives as front line (medical staff), teaching in our schools, serving as committed government employees across the country. And are playing a leading role in our ongoing struggle for racial equality and social justice. ”

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