Chinese Millionaire Liang Shi Fails University Entrance Exam for the 27th Time

Chinese Millionaire Liang Shi Fails University Entrance Exam for the 27th Time

In the pursuit of our goals, we often come upon obstacles that check our resolve and resolution. Such is the case for Liang Shi, a remarkable individual whose story embodies the spirit of unwavering perseverance. Despite achieving great success in his career and amassing a fortune, Liang Shi’s ultimate aspiration is to gain admission to his favorite university and obtain a degree. For the past 41 years, he has embarked on a relentless journey, attempting the entrance test to Liangshi Sichuan University a staggering 27 times, yet each time, he has fallen short. Today, we delve into the inspiring tale of Liang Shi’s unwavering pursuit of his academic dreams.

Liang Shi | A Long and Arduous Journey

Liang Shi’s quest to enter university began in 1983, at the tender age of 16. Eager and determined, he took his first shot at the entrance test, only to face disappointment when the results were announced. However, Liang Shi refused to be deterred by failure. Year after year, he persisted in his efforts to gain admission, even in the face of repeated setbacks. The next nine years saw Liang Shi bravely face the entrance test, but success eluded him.

Battling Age Restrictions | Liang Shi

In 1992, Liang Shi encountered a new hurdle on his journey. The age limit for taking the entrance test in China was raised to 25 years, leaving him unable to participate in the exam. This coverage continued for nearly a decade until it changed into sooner or later abolished in 2001.
Although this setback could have dampened the spirits of many, Liang Shi’s determination remained unwavering.

Chinese Millionaire Liang Shi Fails University Entrance Exam for the 27th Time
Chinese Millionaire Liang Shi Fails University Entrance Exam for the 27th Time

The Challenge of the Gaokao Test

The gaokao test, a prerequisite for university admission in China, is known for its rigorous nature and high level of difficulty. Liang Shi faced this formidable challenge year after year, pushing himself to the limit in the pursuit of his academic ambitions. Despite his excellent success in his professional existence, he believed that obtaining a degree could deliver him a feeling of personal achievement and accomplishment.

An Admirable Test Score | Liang Shi

In the most recent entrance test, Liang achieved a commendable score of 487 out of 750, coming agonizingly close to the passing threshold. However, the minimum requirement for admission to his desired university stood at 521 marks, leaving him 34 marks short of success. The disappointment of falling short after so many attempts was undoubtedly disheartening.

The Dilemma of Uncertain Hope

After each previous failure, Liang had always mustered the courage to try again the following year.
However, for the first time in 4 many years, his spirit seems to be waning. In a candid interview, he expressed his uncertainty about continuing his arduous journey. Liang Shi questioned whether he should persist in his pursuit or consider an alternative path. The weight of disappointment and the absence of visible improvement has left him contemplating the difficult decision of whether to participate in future exams.

Perseverance versus Regret

Despite his wavering resolve, Shi acknowledges that giving up on his dream would be an immensely challenging decision. He fears that choosing not to participate in the exams might lead to a lifetime of regret. This internal struggle highlights the deep-rooted passion and unwavering commitment he holds toward achieving his academic goals.

Inspiring Lessons of Resilience

The story of Liang inspires us all by showing us the power of perseverance and strength in the face of impossible challenges.

His unwavering willpower to his dream is a testament to the human spirit and the pursuit of private achievement. We can draw valuable lessons from Liang Shi’s journey, understanding that setbacks should never discourage us from pursuing our aspirations.

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