The British man was successfully implanted with a 3D printed eye.


London: Innovations in the world of technology have made amazing work possible, even in the impossible, such a person in the UK was successfully fitted with a 3D printed eye.

According to foreign media reports, 47-year-old engineer Stever Wars had his left eye implanted with the help of a 3D printer.

The hospital said the prosthetic is the first fully digital prosthetic eye designed for a patient, but that the eye is more real than an alternative.

Stever wars

For conventional prosthetics, an eyeball template was used, while for 3D prosthetic eye circles are digitally scanned to get a detailed picture.

In other prosthetic eyes, there is actually a hand-painted pupil on a disc and it is inserted into the eye socket. It’s painful.

According to reports, Verze’s right eye was also scanned to make sure that both his eyes looked the same.

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