Pakistani Student Develops WhatsApp Style App.

Karachi: A ninth-grade student has built up a WhatsApp-style app that has numerous choices.

Syed Nabil Haider Jafari, an occupant of the Federal B Area, is right now a ninth-grader and has named his app FF Meeting. The app was dispatched on the Google App stage on February 5 and rendition one has been downloaded by many people. Starting at 12 early afternoons on March 6, the app has gotten in excess of 180 five stars. Notwithstanding, Nabil has said that his app has been downloaded more than one lakh times.

Zafar Abbas, the soul of a cross-country government assistance association situated in Karachi, has made a video of this promising youthful Nabil. Nabil claims that his app is starting to finish scrambled and has the choice to add tones and textual styles for outwardly hindered people. Likewise, for visually challenged people, there is a selection of shadings that They can undoubtedly see.

whatsapp version 2
whatsapp version

Nabil said that his home is in critical monetary waterways and he gathered cash and purchased a PC for Rs. 10,000 and begun making FF (Friends and Family) meeting app on it. Presently, following three years of difficult work, this app is prepared.

As indicated by Nabil, he has been chipping away at this app since the 7th grade, which has video calling and voice calling offices. There are numerous channels in this app and you can make channels whenever the timing is ideal. He said that up to 200,000 people can be assembled in this app.

While a message can be shipped off five to 6,000,000 people. There is additionally the alternative of mystery talk which likewise has the choice of programmed erasure.

Nabil says in a JDC video that he needs an Apple PC so he can code and make an Apple adaptation of the FF meeting. On this, Zafar Abbas of JDC guaranteed him of all conceivable collaboration. Nabil said he would make an Apple rendition of the app in a year.

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