Robot woman arrested in Egypt on suspicion of espionage.

Cairo: A female robot artist has been arrested in Egypt on suspicion of spying.

According to the details, the female artist robot Ai-Da, who arrived in Cairo for a special exhibition two weeks ago, was detained by the customs authorities because they suspected that this robot was used in spying against Egypt. Will go

A-Da is a robot that looks exactly like a woman, using artificial intelligence to create pictures as well as sculpt with her own hands.

The robot has been touted as a “vision of the future”, which, like other abstract artists of its time, excels in its work, but A. D., the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist, He faced a temporary setback before his latest exhibition when he was detained by Egyptian security forces at customs on October 10.

Cameras have been installed in A Da’s eyes, which caused the robot and its sculptor to be kept in customs for 10 days due to security concerns, which also led to a diplomatic dispute.

In fact, Aida was to participate in the first painting exhibition in front of the Pyramids of Egypt, which began on October 21. The exhibition will run until November 7 at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Gaza (the Pyramid of Fear).

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