The Fascinating Journey of a Woman Posing as a ‘Professional Jal Pari’ for Two Decades

A woman who has been posing as a ‘Professional Jal Pari’ for 2 Decades

For the past two decades, Hina Fraser has captivated audiences with her enchanting portrayal as a ‘Professional Jal Pari.’ A quick search on Google reveals her diverse talents, ranging from modeling and dancing to acting, but above all, she proudly claims the title of a Jal Pari. Let’s embark on a remarkable journey as we delve into Hina’s extraordinary experiences and adventures over the years.

A World of Aquatic Marvels:

Hina Fraser has ventured into the depths of world-famous beaches and oceans, accompanied by her unique fairy-like attire. She often encourages others to join her on a transformative journey, proclaiming, “Dum Lagao” (dive in). It comes as no surprise that people across the globe recognize her as the Jal Pari. One of her most unforgettable encounters took place in the waters of the Bahamas, where she fearlessly swam alongside tiger sharks. In Mexico, she had a mesmerizing encounter with a great white shark, further solidifying her reputation.

The Underwater Mermaid:

Hina refers to herself as an underwater mermaid, showcasing her exceptional breath-holding ability while swimming. Ever since her first portrayal as Jal Pari in 2003, she has continued to embody the mystical character. Today, she dons the most exquisite swimsuits and specially crafted tails, transforming into the epitome of a Jal Pari. With her remarkable swimming skills and captivating presence, Hina Fraser mesmerizes all who witness her aquatic performances.

Inspiration from Splash:

Inspired by the iconic 1984 film “Splash,” Hina embarked on creating a dress reminiscent of the beloved Jalpree character. Even back then, her dress and fairy-like tail were worth thousands of dollars. Undeterred, she took it upon herself to design and create Jalpree dresses, now owning an impressive collection of 14 pairs. Crafted with neoprene fabric resembling fish skin, each suit culminates in an enchanting fishtail at the end.

Dedication to Excellence:

To maintain her prowess in the water, Hina Fraser maintains a rigorous exercise routine, constantly honing her skills. Regular practice sessions not only allow her to perfect her performance, but they also provide her with the ability to execute mesmerizing underwater tricks. Through her unwavering commitment and dedication, Hina ensures that her aquatic existence as the Jal Pari remains extraordinary.


For the past 20 years, Hina Fraser has astounded the world with her portrayal as a ‘Professional Jal Pari.’ Her enchanting encounters with marine life and her remarkable swimming skills have solidified her status as an underwater mermaid. Inspired by a film and driven by her passion, Hina has crafted a remarkable collection of Jalpree dresses, embodying the ethereal character she portrays.

Hina Fraser’s remarkable journey as the ‘Professional Jal Pari’ is a testament to the power of following one’s dreams and embracing the magic that lies within.

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