The 7-year-old’s Football Skills took People by Surprise.

London: A 7-year-old boy surprised adults by showing his skills in football. Arat started playing football at the age of four.

The video of the Iranian child, who is now based in the UK, is going viral. Arat Husseini is as good at playing football as Donna, Ronaldo, and Messi.

In the video, it can be seen how fast and intelligent Nanha Arat runs towards the penalty box with a football like an expert footballer.

Arat Husseini is currently training at Liverpool Academy, he wants to be a footballer like Lionel Messi while playing for Barcelona.

Arat Hussaini’s coach says that Arat’s leg movement and his grip on football at this age are excellent, he has the potential to go ahead and become the best footballer in the world.

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