The mother saved her son from being eaten by leopards.


New Delhi: An example of Mamata was seen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh where a leopard snatched a baby from the lap of a tribal woman.

Despite the horrific incident, the woman did not give up and locked her other children in a hut and ran towards the forest in pursuit of the leopard.

While rescuing the child from the leopard, the woman was badly injured and the child was also injured but the brave mother rescued him alive from the clutches of the bloodthirsty animal.

According to rescue workers, the boy suffered injuries to his back, cheeks and eyes, and his mother was injured in the attack. The woman and child were later admitted to the primary health center.

The Forest Department will cover all costs of their treatment.

Pictures of the incident went viral on social media and users are praising the woman’s bravery.

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