The woman’s move to park strangers’ cars outside her home caused a stir on the Internet.

LONDON: It is often written outside our homes that ‘those who park their cars in front of the gate will be responsible for the damage.’ The woman did something that caused a stir on the internet.


According to Mail Online, Emily Dorient, a farmer from the Mid Wales area, is also a Green Party councilor, whose farmland is in a place where a large number of people come to celebrate the holidays.


Emily and her staff often have trouble finding a car parked in front of the gate. The other day, Emily decided to teach a lesson to the owner of a BMW car and had an iron fence built around the car and posted a picture of the car trapped in the fence on her Twitter account.


Emily tweeted with the photo:

“It’s nice to welcome people to our paradise, but people also have to be polite and not park at the farm gate.”

He said that he had removed the fence after taking the picture. For the first time, this fence was used as a warning.

“If tourists still don’t learn a lesson, a permanent forest can be built around a vehicle.”

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