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Who is Abdu Rozik? How he became a Millionaire?

Abdu Rozik

Short Tajik singer Abdo Razik rose to fame after becoming a contestant on India’s reality show Bigg Boss, but did you know that Abdo was so poor as a child that he had to sing in the streets for money?

The surprising and remarkable thing is that Abdu never trained in singing, it was a gift from God and it was this gift that changed his life.

As a child, Abdu Razik used to sing songs in the streets of Tajikistan to feed himself, so people used to give him money, a similar video of him was also viral on social media in which Abdu is seen crying after singing a song, but Then one day Abdu met Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and this meeting changed his life completely.

At a meeting in Abu Dhabi, Abdu sang some Hindi songs to Salman Khan which he liked very much, upon which the actor invited Abdu to participate in Bigg Boss as a player. As Abdo was introduced to the media, he became famous overnight, after which Abdo became famous.

Abdu now has his own lavish house and has also become the owner of many luxury cars, now Abdu is counted among the richest players of Bigg Boss. Abdu claims to be the world’s shortest singer.

Abdu says that we had a house to live in which the roof leaked in the rain. After getting famous, I bought a nice house for my family.

Suffering from dry disease, and at that time the family could not afford treatment due to poor financial conditions, the result was that the growth of the body stopped when Abdu was 16 years old, and his weight was 12 kg.

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