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Why is the engineer who invented the mobile phone worried today?

The American engineer who invented the mobile phone, a means of communication around the world that is always in the hands of man, now seems a little worried about his invention.

According to foreign media, Martin Cooper, who invented the mobile phone 50 years ago, believes that the problem is that people look at the mobile phone screen too much.

Speaking to foreign media at his office in California, 94-year-old Martin Cooper said the neat little device we all have in our pockets has almost unlimited potential.

He said that when I see someone using a mobile phone while crossing the road, I am surprised, such people have a bad mind.

Martin Cooper joked that people would know when they were run over by a car.

“I will never understand using a mobile phone the way my grandchildren and great-grandchildren use it,” said the American engineer.

According to foreign media, Martin Cooper still uses the latest mobile phone of the famous brand and whenever there is a change in it, he immediately buys it.

According to reports, Martin Cooper received the first call from a mobile phone on April 3, 1973.

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