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Aamir Khan: When the movies flop, I close the room and cry.

Amir Khan

Mumbai: Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist has said that when any of his films flops, he locks himself in a room and sheds tears.

According to media reports, Aamir Khan said in an interview that even when his films are successful at the box office, he still cries, but they are tears of joy.

He added that before the release of his film, he became very anxious, even losing his appetite and sleep, and he stayed awake for hours, reading books or watching TV. Spend

It should be noted that Aamir Khan has given many successful films to the box office, including Taare Zameen Par, Three Edits, Dingal, PK, Ghajini, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi and Dhoom Three.

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