Arfi Javed, who got fame from Bigg Boss, spoke in favor of Hijab


Mumbai: Bigg Boss and Indian actress Arfi Javed, who is famous on social media, also spoke in favor of hijab.

According to the report of Zee News, alias Javed is under severe criticism from the consumers for wearing nude clothes on social media. However, on the ongoing hijab controversy in India, she has taken a stand that choosing clothes is the basic right of any woman. Yes, no one can question that.

“The fight for so many years was not for us not to wear hijab, the fight for so many years was for women to wear whatever they wanted,”

she said. If a girl wears hijab in school then it is not a big deal.

Arfi Javed said that if a woman can wear whatever she wants in parliament or government institutions then wearing hijab in schools and colleges is not a big deal.
It should be noted that Arfi Javed had caused a commotion when he was removed from the Indian reality show Bigg Boss, after which he gained fame on social media.

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