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Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabriel is Shocked to see Garbage in the Hunza Tourist Destination.

LAHORE: Canadian vlogger Rozi Gabriel, who has highlighted the positive face of Pakistan all over the world, has expressed his displeasure over seeing the country’s tourist destination Hunza polluted with garbage and said that this is how he is ruining his country.


Rosie Gabriel is currently in the Hunza Valley and some locals have expressed their concerns about the garbage and pollution there and hope to use their platform to help them.


She shared a long post on Instagram with some photos and screenshots and called it Keep the North Clean.


The Canadian Vlogger’s post shared photos of people going to the music festival and screenshots of conversations with locals.


Locals complained of nonsense and pollution by tourists. He complained about how tourists were spreading pornography and drug culture in the Hunza Valley.


Locals said the items were being spread under the guise of art and entertainment and were at risk of affecting their values.



Rosie Gabriel shared her thoughts on Instagram, writing that limited travel opportunities have forced people to move to the north, but they are bringing bad behavior, drugs, pornography, dance parties and many more. Spreading more garbage.


She also shared her experience of traveling to the northern part of the country, saying she was disturbed by local tourists and had to look elsewhere.

I think after a difficult year people need to travel and give themselves time but point out that people should destroy the places they are visiting.

Locals love to welcome tourists but they don’t like it at all.


“Locals welcome musical events and workshops, but what is happening now is seen as a threat to culture,” she said.


Remember that Rosie Gabriel came to Pakistan in 2018 and at that time she said that she has come to Pakistan despite all the fears and obstacles of the people and she will show the beauty of Pakistan to the world by visiting 40 places here.


The Canadian villager and tourist later traveled to northern areas, including Lahore, Kasur, Multan and Gwadar, where they also made videos.


Rosie Gabriel stayed in Pakistan for about 14 months and later announced her conversion to Islam through a social media post.

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